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May 29 2020


Thursday Night

Rock on.
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Donald Trump is Waging War on Vote-By-Mail. The Facts Don’t Support It
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May 28 2020


The Master Media Manipulator Tricked You Again

New York Times reporter observes the wallet inspector failed to return her wallet yet again.


The Great Shirk

Even if you were someone who believed - and trust me, even most of the "good guys" believed this - that the financial crisis was caused by poor defenseless banks being conned by tens of millions of borrowers who couldn't afford to take out those mortgages, it didn't follow that the resulting recession and unemployment which impacted a lot of other people were the fault of those other people. Still unemployment went from fuemployment (lazy people enjoying their vacations!) to a "skills gap" (stupid people getting the wrong education) to a "worker mobility problem" (lazy people unwilling to move to where the jobs where) to, finally, a period of people just preferring to play video games over work.

This will happen again.
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Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer Says Trump’s Attacks Are Complicating the Coronavirus Response
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Report: Education Dept. Says Connecticut Policy Allowing Trans Athletes to Compete in Girls Sports Is Civil Rights Violation

Gotta Mock Them

We're going to move from rosy predictions about the future, to denial about the reality, to a collective "wellwhatchagonnado," to "Actually, the natural rate of unemployment is 17%."

Unemployment levels were seen as insanely high at the beginning of the Great Recession. And then they barely dropped. And then they weren't seen as insane at all anymore. And then they weren't seen as a problem at all. 10% unemployment is going to look hilariously minor compared to what we have now.

They Shape Of Things To Come

My prediction! That's the unemployment rate against time. Invert it for jobs over time. Not a V!


Thursday Is New Jobless Day

2.1 million new lucky duckies. Wow that's a 14% drop from last week! Best economic news we've *ever* seen!!!

The Best People

Sims is my rep.

Read the whole thread as the kids say.... There's more to the story, but also PA Republicans have been leading the psychopathic bellow about needing to open up and kill everyone caucus.

How local media covers things because facts don't exist anymore.

Netflix blockbuster “Extraction” draws criticism for portrayal of Bangladesh's capital

The Netflix blockbuster “Extraction” attracted a lot of criticism and debate for its poor, inaccurate and stereotypical portrayal of Bangladesh and Bangladeshis.

COVID-19 tune educates, empowers Indonesia’s remote Marapu community

"Let’s just stay at home. Let’s wash our hands diligently to protect our health and lives."

Overnight Thread

Have fun
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History in the Making as House Casts Proxy Votes in the Pandemic

Russian doctors’ union launches ‘map of problems’ faced by medics during COVID-19

Russia's medical staff are increasingly vocal about hospital conditions and a lack of personal protective equipment during the pandemic. This interactive map allows them to tell the world about it.

May 27 2020

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Sen. Graham Calls Former Deputy AG Rosenstein as First Witness in Russia Inquiry
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Secretary of State Pompeo Says Hong Kong Is No Longer Autonomous From China
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Trump Lashes Out as His Election Prospects Darken

Just Give People Money

So always trying to target things to supposedly worthy people just adds unnecessary complexity, leaves "deserving" people out, and makes everyone mad because their neighbor is getting more than they are? Wow who knew.

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