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July 09 2015


Former Saudi Foreign Minister Saud Al-Faisal Dies at 75

From being described as a wise statesman to being called a racist and a xenophobe, netizens react to the death of former Saudi foreign minister Saud Al-Faisal, who died today
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Hillary Clinton’s Trustworthy Trap
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How Jeb Bush’s Super PAC Will Spend $103 Million
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The FAA Will Nix Its Donald Trump Navigation Codes
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18 Republicans Donald Trump Has Insulted

Random Thought

It never occurred to me that there could possibly be a somewhat successful anti-Confederate flag campaign. Especially as it hasn't even been much of a campaign, just a thing which happened in response to horrible events.
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GOP Chief Phones Donald Trump Amid Immigration Uproar
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Watch Live: John Kerry Speaks on Iran Nuclear Negotiations

ISIS Hacks Syrian Observatory for Human Rights Website and Threatens its Director

The ISIS cyber army has allegedly hacked the website of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights watchdog on July 8, 2015, and threatened its Syrian director, Rami Abdelrahman, for his role in documenting human rights abuses committed by all parties in the ongoing war in Syria. The news was confirmed...

Moscow Street Musicians Tape Their Mouths Shut to Protest Police Pressure

Moscow street musicians are protesting what they say are illegal police detentions and exorbitant fines that violate their artistic rights and freedoms.
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In the Latest Issue
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Jeb Bush’s ‘Longer Hours’ Remark Will Haunt Him

A Winning Message

And Jeb was supposed to be the smart one. Yes, his brother didn't hide his dufusness, but I'm pretty sure he is actually smarter.
Today, Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush, who as of-late has gone relatively gaffe-free, uttered a phrase that may not go over too well with the constituency he seeks to reach. During an interview that was live-streamed on the app Periscope, Bush told New Hampshire's "The Union Leader" that to grow the economy, "people should work longer hours."

The beatings will continue, you lazy fucks who didn't win the lucky sperm lottery.


It's always fun when Republicans get upset because one of their own says what they all think and say, just with a bit less refinement. Trump's views are perfectly mainstream Republican, he just chews the scenery a bit more than is appropriate.

And the press generally focuses too much on the theater and not on the actual policies. Policies matter much more. Trump is an asshole, but he's really a typical Republican asshole, with just a bit more asshole.

Japan's Cosplay Culture Helps a Global Community Experiment With Identity

Cosplay, a term that describes dressing up like fictional characters, transcends ethnic and cultural borders and promotes personal empowerment.

We've Made Nice With Everybody Else

I guess maybe not Iran or North Korea, but the ridiculousness of our anti-Cuba policies for so many years is, well, ridiculous. That we are BFFs with Saudi Arabia pretty much nullifies any "human rights" justification for anything we do, but more than that nobody know what the supposed "goals" of our Cuba stance is anymore. Notionally left wing governments are EEEEEVUUUHHHL and notionally right wing governments are just awesome, no matter what they do.

I've been to Cuba (legally). It ain't paradise, but its flaws mostly aren't how they're portrayed here. I've long been "amused" that Castro's treatment of gay Cubans was held up as evidence of his evilness. Yes he was horrible in the early days of the AIDS crisis, as we were. When I was there it was Pride in Havana and and rainbow flags were everywhere.

Anyway, my point isn't to defend Fidel Castro-era Cuba, or even Cuba now. It's just that whatever its flaws, we're good buddies with plenty of countries that obviously have bigger flaws.

How Do You Bring Electricity to 620 Million People?

Sub-Saharan Africa needs a more reliable energy supply. The way it chooses to meet that need will affect the entire planet.

Hong Kong's Taxis Drivers Go Head-to-Head With Car-Hire Apps for Passengers

Taxi drivers are pressuring the city's government to crack down on unlicensed ride-hailing services like Uber and GoGo Van. But passengers think these car-hire alternatives have lots of perks.
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