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February 08 2018


Searching for ‘indios’ in Ecuador and Venezuela: A Lesson in Language and Data

What happens when the data doesn’t support the story we first set out to tell?
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‘We’d Like to See America Right of Center.’ Mitch McConnell Explains His Strategy on Judges

Macau’s Cybersecurity Law: Less About Security, More About Surveillance (And Censorship)

Various critics say the proposed law will provide a legal framework for mass surveillance, much more so than improve network security.
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Why Republicans View the Nunes Memo as a Win

February 07 2018

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Nancy Pelosi Sets Record With 8-Hour-Long DACA Speech on the House Floor
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House Intelligence Committee Postpones Steve Bannon Interview
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N.Y. Lawmakers Want to Make Tide Pods Look Less Edible
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Meet the Two Senators Crossing the Aisle With Prayer
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Top White House Aide Rob Porter Resigns After Domestic Abuse Allegations
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The Senate Budget Deal Shows That Not Everything In Washington Is Broken
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‘Put Me Down as a No.’ These Retired Generals Are Not Happy About President Trump’s Military Parade
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Senate Agrees on 2-Year Budget Deal With Increases for Domestic and Defense Programs
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President Trump Claims New GOP Report on FBI’s Clinton Investigation Is a ‘Bombshell’

‘According to the Digital Security Law, I am a Spy': Bangladeshi Journalists Defend Their Right to Investigate

"The Digital Security Act (2018) is an Eyewash. It is section 57 (ICT Act) for all intent and purposes. All the provisions have merely been redistributed among other sections."

Deki the Balkan Lynx Is All Grown Up, Photos Show, but His Species Remains in Trouble

There are only an estimated few dozen individual Balkan lynx left in the wild.
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President Trump’s Military Parade Is Likely to be a Logistical Nightmare for Planners
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Mike Pence Says He’s Open to the Possibility of Meeting North Korean Officials at the Olympics
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President Trump Has Ordered a Military Parade in Washington, Pentagon Says
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The House Just Passed a Bill to Avert Another Government Shutdown. Now It Heads to the Senate
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